What people are saying about Captivated…


“Deft and powerful”

~Parents Television Council

“[Captivated is] a tremendous resource for churches and families who need all the help they can get to produce Christ-captivated lives.” ~Dr. David Murray

“Every Christian needs to see Captivated the Movie. We watched it this evening and were challenged, encouraged, and reminded of the necessity to bring every area of life into the captivity of Christ, and not let the world and the culture define what we do as believers. DON’T MISS IT!!” ~ Randy Winton

“Captivated – Wow! Excellent! A must-see for every household in America! A wake-up call for every parent and pastor in the nation”  ~Diana

“Wow! What a powerful challenge to believers and unbelievers alike”  ~Yanna

[vc_column_text]”My family viewed “Captivated” and I must admit there was a calm afterwards. I think we were at a loss for words… I have already shared this with my preacher and I will be sharing with another church family that I’ll be speaking to in the next couple of weeks. This is definitely a must see for all.”  ~Brian

“Captivated is amazing! I am inspired to make wiser decisions about media consumption and content. I work, learn, share, and play through media but I know that working to limit myself will be so worthwhile”  ~Brittany

“I think that this film is one of the most crucial films you will ever watch.”  ~Andrew

“It was just an incredible movie, done top-notch. My husband made the comment that it wasn’t cheesy. I think sometimes movies like this run that risk, but this was not at all like that. It was highly informative, kept your attention, made perfect sense and is something everyone should watch! We will for sure be spreading the word about this movie.” ~Christie

“Captivated is well-made and filled with excellent information. I especially appreciate the way it covers such a wide variety of areas: social media, tv & movies, tv sports addiction, Google, video games, and more. Thank you for the work you put into making this. It has already been helpful to me and I know it will be helpful to our church as well.” ~Kevin

People often question me as to how I “socialize” my children since they are outside the public school system. I want to question our society and ask how “socially appropriate” it is for parents to sit with children at the dinner table and allow handheld video games and texting instead of conversation. There is a tragic scenario taking place in our culture. Praise God that Phillip Telfer is raising awareness about the underbelly of our new “cultural digital norms”. This movie ought to be watched by every Believer who cares about his or her mind and the minds of the next generation. We are to be “transformed by the renewing of our minds”by God’s Word, not by media. Thank you, MediaTalk101 for your stand in a “wicked and perverse generation.”  ~Lisa

“Phillip, My family thanks you for making the Captivated documentary. My kids who enjoy their media may not be as excited about it as I am but I think they see the pervasive impact of media in their lives and other. Lots of good food for thought. I am very encouraged to share it with as many people as possible. As an elder in my church and I would like to show it to my church family soon.”  ~Dave

“A documentary which analyzes the power – and danger – which electronic media possesses in today’s world from a Christian perspective, Captivated features discussions with prominent physicians, academics, media analysts, and activists devoted to media reform, who examine media and its harmful effects, particularly on youth. In various sections, Captivated traces the rise of electronic media from its origins with the telegraph to today’s world of radio, television, video games, the Internet, cell phones, and more; describes the effects – physical, psychological, behavioral, and spiritual – which heavy media consumption has on individuals, particularly children; discusses the negative content and messages promoted in much media aimed at youth; and concludes by laying out steps parents can take to change their own behavior and that of their children for the better. Interspersed with these segments are interviews with individual teens, families, and organizations which have chosen to refrain from media, who describe how doing so has positively impacted their lives.
The Captivated DVD features a message from the film’s producer, Philip Telfer, founder of MediaTalk101, an organization which seeks to help Christians understand and use media wisely. It also contains more than two hours of interviews with media experts, doctors, and academics on the careful use and potential harms media present.
For its deft and powerful examination of the ways media consumes our lives, and its advice on how to alter habits of media use, the Parents Television Council is proud to award Captivated with the PTC Seal of ApprovalTM. The PTC recommends this DVD for viewers over age ten.”
~Parents Television Council review

“As a former TX State Representative and a member of the House Public Education Committee, it is clear that our society and specifically our children have been captivated by the onslaught of media. This film not only identifies the culprit and the consequences, but also delivers a call to pause and consider the cost of being ‘captivated’. I wholeheartedly recommend this thoughtful and dynamic film…it will change your life and the lives of all who view it.” ~Nathan Macias

“Bravo! Amazing! Transforming!”

“Phillip, I wanted to thank you for all of the amazing content you packed into the Captivated Film. It is extraordinary. It is necessary. It is urgent and it is immediately relevant. It is going to get immediate use in my church. I applaud you devoting your life to this calling, for it is the primary battlefield of this generation, and many of us don’t even know it. You have now made a way for me to get this vital content before the eyes of those in my influence, which I pray will bring forth a new awakening of wisdom and discernment. I pray God uses it mightily in our country, for it is obvious that He has blessed it powerfully. Thank you.”  ~Bodie

“Captivated was a fantastic look at our society’s greatest addiction. As an adult it convicted me of my own need to discern and focus on the redemption of my time and my family’s time.”  ~Doug

“Amazing. Simply amazing!”  ~Jordan

“This movie inspired and encouraged me to refocus my life. May God use it to change people’s hearts and draw them to Himself. Captivated left me with a new desire for life; to experience real life and to live it for God’s glory. Thank you for this message!”  ~Amanda

“Wow! This film opened my eyes to areas in my life that I didn’t even know I struggled with. Thank you for making this movie.”  ~Leah

“Mr. Telfer, I purchased and watched “Captivated” with my family. I want you to know that I was impressed with the level of research and truth that was put into the production. The testimonials were powerful. I started watching it by myself, and within a few minutes my children (ages 8 to 16) had joined me. I couldn’t believe that they watched the whole two hour documentary, but I’m sure they also have an inherent desire to know the truth. The way the photography, videos, and sound were integrated together was as good as I have seen out of major production companies… I will definitely be sharing the video and recommending it to many.” ~Bill

“As a home-educating mother of four young children, I also am concerned with the effects of the digital world around me. Everywhere I go, I see people with smart phones in their hands, and children with IPads at restaurants. TV’s are everywhere. People aren’t sitting and thinking anymore when they have a moment with nothing to do; they are on their smart phones.

“After viewing Captivated, I went on a little buying spree. I bought a quantity to share. This spree is a first for me, but I find the DVD’s message to be immensely important. The producer, Phillip Telfer, is a homeschool dad. His film urges us to establish screen-time guidelines. Technology is a good thing, but caution is needed. Christians and unbelievers alike are recognizing the powerful pull media has over the behavior of young children, teens, and adults. The influence of screens, media, and gadgetry is stronger than we like to think. Beginning with our littlest and most impressionable children, exposure can quickly produce both aggressiveness and inattentiveness. It distracts teens and adults enough to mar productivity and hinder spiritual well-being. If we humbly look at how captivated we’ve become by screens, we’ll be more open to heed the warning to control them so that they do not control us. Authors, pastors, and people in different walks of life intelligently and candidly share why to unplug. Although many a tragic story of serious addiction could be told, it is not told here. Reason, not sensationalism, pleads with us to make choices – big or small. Media can drive a wedge in relationships as it isolates us in our own little worlds. How far we’ve come from the days of neighborhood play and of talking over the fence! When I was contemplating these sorts of ideas in the extended interviews of the bonus feature, a conviction arose in my heart. I had the courage to make application of it to my own life. May the film be a blessing to you, your family, and friends.” ~Karen Andreola’s review for CBD