We want to encourage public showings of this important documentary so we are waiving any licensing fees and instead we encourage you to purchase a 10 pack of DVDs at a discounted price to give away or resell.  This is a win/win because you are helping to support the non-profit organization, Media Talk 101, who are the producers of this film, and you will have an added benefit of the DVDs to help spread this timely message. The final cost is way less than standard public showing license fees for even a small audience.

Order the public showing 10 pack of DVDs and we will send you posters and a download for flyers that you print out as well.

We also have a special one hour version of Captivated which might suit your needs for a public showing if there happens to be time constraints. Please place your request for a one hour version by checking the box to include that in your order as one of the 10 DVDs in this Public Showing Pack or you can order one

Please contact us to learn more about quantity discounts.