Award Winning Documentary “Captivated” Addresses Media and Technology and the Growing Need for Discernment

“Everywhere we go, we are surrounded by screens. Have we entered a Techno utopia or a virtual prison?” Producer and co-director, Phillip Telfer, asks this and other pertinent questions in the new documentary “Captivated: Finding Freedom in a Media Captive Culture”. Parents Television Council calls it “Deft and Powerful” Everyone would agree that we live in a media-saturated society, but how many consider the possibility that they have become captives? People of all ages are being held hostage by television, video games, social networks, movies, texting, tweeting, and more. They have become infatuated with the things of the world and distracted from God, from eternity, and from deeper relationships with each other.

  • 2013 Gold Crown Award for Best Documentary at the International Christian Visual Media Conference
  • 2013 Best Documentary at the GloryReelz Christian Film Festival
  • 2013 Official Selection at the Midwest Christian Inspirational Indie Film Festival
  • 2012 Best Documentary Runner-Up at the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival
  • 2012 Best of Festival Finalist at the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival

This feature-length documentary is not anti-media or anti-technology, but raises concerns about the unchecked enthusiasm regarding media, and highlights the overwhelming evidence of growing problems on multiple fronts. It addresses the potential physical, moral, spiritual, mental, and emotional impact of today’s media and technology when consumed or used without discretion.

This film has an outstanding lineup of interviews featuring Ray Comfort, Bob Waliszewski, Dr. Ted Baehr, Dr. Jeff Myers, Kerby Anderson, Kevin Swanson, Dr. David Walsh, Al Menconi, Dr. Dimitri Christakis, Dick Rolfe, Phil Chalmers, Professor Mark Bauerlein, Maggie Jackson, and more.

What really makes this movie extraordinary is the personal stories of everyday people who have found freedom from their former bondage to media and technology. Nick, an auto mechanic, shares about his former addiction to NASCAR and NFL. Corey, a young skateboarder, talks about his experience of going on a media fast. Neysa candidly admits her struggle with Farmville on Facebook, and several other stories bring this down to earth for the average viewer. This documentary is a production of the non-profit organization Media Talk 101, founded by Phillip Telfer. Phillip wrote, produced, and co-directed the documentary with the help of award winning director, Colin Gunn.

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