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Captivated DVD

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Join author and speaker Phillip Telfer on a quest to find help for a media captivated culture in this engaging and eye-opening documentary. Discover why many people are starting to ask questions about electronic media and their growing concerns about the implications. Hear media experts, church leaders, and former captives who have been set free.

Most importantly you'll discover how God's word addresses the unique challenges we face today and learn how you can escape the snares and truly live life to the fullest as you fix your eyes on Jesus.

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Captivated Group Study Guide

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This 54 page companion study guide to the "Captivated" DVD is a great tool for churches, small groups, Sunday school classes, youth groups, homeschool, families, or individuals. Did we miss anyone?

Now that the Captivated DVD has been distributed throughout the United States and several other countries around the world, responses are coming in from people like you and I who are grappling with the issues presented in a media-captive culture. As one viewer, Doug, puts it, “Captivated was a fantastic look at our society’s greatest addiction. As an adult it convicted me of my own need to discern and focus on the redemption of my time and my family’s time.”

I hope and pray that you will be as inspired as Doug is to seek Biblical answers to the questions raised in Captivated. This guide is here to help you in that journey. Designed to encourage individuals, families, small groups, and churches to Biblically process and personally apply the information presented in Captivated, this guide is for you. Please use it as a tool to probe your mind and heart as you seek to be captivated by Christ.

If you are a group leader please know that this study guide is meant to be helpful. Feel free to skip or add according to your unique group and leadership.

This study guide does not specify a certain number of meetings to work through it. Do what works best for your group. Some groups may wish to watch the entire movie followed by a series of group discussion times. Others may wish to watch a short portion of the documentary followed by a group study time. You may want to try a combination of both approaches.

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Captivated DVD (1 Hour Broadcast Version)

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This one hour version of Captivated was created to be shown this year on Christian television. We also thought it would be a good resource for public showings where there are time constraints so we have made it available on DVD.  For more information about public showings please click here.
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Captivated and Media Choices DVD Bundle

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The All New! Media Choices: Convictions or Compromise? is the popular seminar that Phillip Telfer has been sharing across the country for many years. You'll learn 10 principles that can help guide you safely past the spiritual stumbling blocks of today's media and entertainment.

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Captivated DVD with Study Guide

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Captivated DVD and Study Guide Bundle

(10 study guides and 1 Captivated DVD!)

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